Motor Control Panels

The Motor Control Panels are able to reduce the starting torque and inrush current as well as protect a pump from over-current and other conditions. Our control panels are inside a powder coated MS enclosure to prevent corrosion and provide protection simultaneously.

Digital Controllers

Brief introduction - Dry run Protection Panel Water level protection for both Well & Tank Intelligent Pump Motor Protocter model MP-S1 Plus is an easy to use, programmable protection device for direct start, single phase deep well submersible pump, centrifugal pump, pipeline pump motor etc.. Typical usage - Houses /Flats /Holidays houses /Farms /Water supply from wells /Irrigations of greenhouses, gardens, agriculture /Rain water reuse /Industrial plants /Waste water tank / Sewage sink

Product Features and Specification

Auto / Manual switch

Dynamic LCD displaying pump running state

Protect the pump against many faults

Dry run

Over load

Transient surge

Under voltage

Over voltage

Pump stalled

Pump stalled

Control Panels

Pump Control Panels are utilized in motor control applications that are part of water-based systems to automate machinery. This sort of control panel consists of multiple power components that govern the pump motor's function, as well as several operator control devices. Whats is the Power Control Panels ? The power components that operate the pump motor are managed by a pump control panel (also known as a pump controller or pump control box). It allows for automatic pump operation while also monitoring various aspects of the pump to ensure everything is in working order. It features pilot devices that allow the user to regulate the pump, as well as sensors that protect the pump. Having a pump control panel allows you to quickly and instantly adjust the pump output while also being alerted to any difficulties or changes. On your control panel, you may find the following features and options: main power disconnect, manual/auto selector, pressure setpoint, and speed selector. You may also be able to keep track of the following things: running status, alarm status, speed, and pressure.

Product Features and Specification

Complete Reliability

Absolutely Certain Descrimination

Quick Operation

Provision for Manual Control

Power Conducting Components

Control System Components

Depending on the Voltage Level

Depending on the Voltage to be Handled

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