Pump Services

Deep Tec provides a variety of professional water pump services for a variety of sectors in Sri Lanka. The highly qualified team of Engineers is able to assist clients in the water pump services and repairing requirements if needed by enabling them to minimize the issues and achieve outstanding results.

Construction of the Tube Wells

After a thorough surveillance of the ground and approval is given. The next step is the construction of the tube wells will commence. Using state of the art technology a drilling process will take place to find the water if needed and the water flow and output is monitored and exacted according to the clients requirements.



Here are some kinds of tube wells that we construct

Tube wells for factories and industries.

Tube wells for domestic purposes.

Tube wells for farming and agricultural use.

Tube wells for irrigation and waterways.

Tube Wells for drinking purposes.

Job Order for Construction of Tube Well

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Pumps Maintain & Repair

We are one of the most well-known pump maintenance and repair businesses in the Sri lanka. We are based in Malabe and have built a reputation as the go-to business for pump system design, installation, service, and repair.

We take care of everything.



Why Maintenance Is Important

Preventive maintenance can help you keep track of your performance and identify problems early on.

Inspections by experienced experts will aid in the diagnosis of any potential leaks, corrosion, or blockage.

With regular maintenance schedule, maintenance becomes a smoother and more effective process in which chores are not "forgotten."

Increase pump productivity and reduce repair costs to extend the life of your pump and save money.

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Pumps Installation

Deep Tec Engineering, as one of Sri Lanka’s major engineering businesses, has been the leading name in delivering industrial water pumps for all uses for over three decades. Deep Tec Engineering gives its customers the most cost-effective and simple ways to buy industrial pumps in Sri Lanka, with a huge choice of industrial pumps of all sizes and capacities to efficiently handle water. We provide high-quality industrial water pumps in Sri Lanka for heating, air conditioning, Water Fountain, ground water supply, domestic water supply, wastewater, industrial applications, dosing and disinfection, renewable energy systems, and motors, with the goal of consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations.




Deep Tec can assist with servicing all of your water pump needs in all commercial and residential buildings.

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Solar Installation

The solar photovoltaic pumped system is made up of three major components: a solar cell module, a PV pump inverter, and a Single/Three-phase AC pump or DC Pump

The solar cell array is made up of a number of solar cell modules connected in series and parallel, which absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy to power the entire system.

The solar pump inverter/controller controls and regulates the system’s operation, converts the DC power generated by the solar cell array into AC power, drives the water pump, and changes the output frequency in real time to achieve maximum power point tracking and maximizes the use of solar energy.

The pump is powered by a three-phase alternating current motor and pumps water.


The photovoltaic power generation system operates fully without manual duty.It is composed of solar panels,solar pump inverter and water pump.

Using new energy solar pump controller, the pumping speed is adjusted according to the change of dailies intensity, So that the output powers is close to the maximum powers of the solar arrays; when the sunshine is very full, the pumping speed is guaranteed not to exceed the rated speed; when the sunshine is insufficient, according to the lowest set operating frequency, Otherwise the pumped will automatically stop running.

The pump is driven by a Single/Three-phase AC motor, pumping water from a deep well, injecting it into a reservoir/pool, or directly into the irrigation system. Different types of pumps can be used to work according to actual system requirements and installation conditions.

It can provide a economical and more effective solutions according to different regions and customers needs.

Solar pumping system is a system that converts solar energy into electricity and drive pump for water supply.

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