Tube Well Services

Our Services include the drilling of the domestic and industrial tube wells and ensuring that it meets the requirements and specifications of the client. Our efficient engineers are able to assist in other aspects such as concrete piling, tube wells repairing, maintenance and providing other needed spare parts and accessories


Our experienced team of engineers will consider a number of factors in their geo-investigation such as the direction of water flow, the slope of the group , the type of soil and its condition. They will also look into the surrounding wells in the neighbourhood and other essential factors and social and cultural factors that may affect the tube well project.



Here are some factors that should be considered in the geo-investigation.

The direction of the flow of water and the type of soil and its condition.

The neighbourhood and surrounding wells that are near the project.

Any exposure the well may find hazardous E.g: Cemeteries , factories

Other sociological or cultural factors that may affect the project.

Details of Groundwater Investigation

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Construction of the Tube Wells

After a thorough surveillance of the ground and approval is given. The next step is the construction of the tube wells will commence. Using state of the art technology a drilling process will take place to find the water if needed and the water flow and output is monitored and exacted according to the clients requirements.



Here are some kinds of tube wells that we construct

Tube wells for factories and industries.

Tube wells for domestic purposes.

Tube wells for farming and agricultural use.

Tube wells for irrigation and waterways.

Tube Wells for drinking purposes.

Job Order for Construction of Tube Well

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Flushing & Development of Tube wells

Before the well is put into service, over-pumping (pumping at a higher rate than the design rate) can improve the packing’s effectiveness by pulling in more tiny particles. The flow of water can be enhanced by back-flushing at a higher rate when the surrounding ground contains more fine particles. Developing the tube well is the process of over-pumping and back-flushing.



Development serves following functions

It unclogs the water-bearing formation that has been blocked by muck during the drilling process.

It makes the tube well structure stable by causing the gravel pack and surrounding formation to settle and compact against the screen.

It makes the well more efficient by breaking down sand grain bridging over the screen openings and in the surrounding gravel pack and aquifer formation.

By stabilizing the sand buildup surrounding the screen, it aids in obtaining sand-free water.

It aids in the reduction of head losses close to the screen.

It reaches the well's full capacity, which means the most yield is possible with the least amount of drawdown.

It determines the required qualities of a pump and power unit to be installed and provides a measure of available water supply.

It extends the screen or strainer's functional life.

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