Water Features

A water feature can be formed of any number of materials, including stone, stainless steel, resin, iron, and glass. It can be either indoor or outdoor, vary in size from a desk-top water fountain to a big indoor cascade that covers an entire wall of a large structure. The majority of water features are electronically operated, from straightforward timed actuators to complex computerized controls that sync music to water and light animation. Water features frequently provide homeowners with additional advantages, such as improved air quality, increased curb appeal, increased home value, decreased noise pollution (because the sound of running water drowns out outside noise), increased humidity in dry climates, and reduced noise pollution.

Water Fountain

Deep Tec is a company dedicated to large fountain water performance art and urban fountain construction. We have experience in fountain design, fountain construction and fountain maintenance. By combining unique culture with modern laser projection and digital imaging technology, we have successfully completed a number of outstanding fountain in Sri Lanka. We have an exceptional fountain service team, including skilled project design engineers, highly innovative software developers, and experienced installation crews, as one of Sri Lanka’s leading fountain and water Feature design businesses.

Floating Fountains: A spray of water that emerges from a nozzle in the middle of a body of water is sent skyward from a partially submerged floating fountain.

Courtyard Fountains: Freestanding fountains designed to make a visual statement, courtyard fountains are meant to be viewed from any angle. Generally symmetrical, they may have multiple tiers and a self-circulating pump system.

Waterfall Fountains: A good choice for rock gardens or on a slope, waterfall fountains work with the force of gravity to move water from higher to lower basins where it can be recirculated by a pump.

A fountain is a celebration. Thousands of years ago, the landscape feature was proof of a successful water delivery system.

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Water is critical for effective farming. Borewells, Ponds, Wells, Streams, and Rivers are all common places to find such water. The most efficient way to lift water from these sources is to use a water pump equipment. Pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The suction lift and delivery head must be considered while selecting a pump.

The centrifugal water pump is a rotational mechanism in which an impeller rotates inside a casing, sucks in the liquid at its center, and discharges the liquid through an opening on the casing’s side due to centrifugal force.


Centrifugal Water Pump Machine Benefits:

Because of, this water pump is ideal for agriculture.

Reduced prices to make it easier for small and marginal farmers to purchase.

Flexibility in the workplace

Size and capacity ranges from small to large.

Construction is straightforward.

Operation, maintenance, and repair are all simple.

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Pools & Ponds

What is the purpose of a pool pump?
The circulatory system of your pool is powered by the pool pump. It draws water from the pool and pumps it to other equipment where it is heated, cleaned, and filtered, resulting in pool water that is cleaner, healthier, and warmer.



Variable Speed Pool Pump Benefits

Significant Energy Savings

Operation Whisper-Quiet

Flow Optimum for Specific Tasks

Better Filtration of Water

Control Systems using Advanced Technology

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Water Sculptures

Water sculptures are typically free-standing water structures that enable water to be manipulated into an art form. Sculpture materials, shapes, sizes, and finishes vary greatly depending on the desired water effect, location, and budget.


Over the last decade, water fountains have grown in popularity, and more people are becoming aware of the benefits they may provide.

Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Decor for both indoor and outdoor spaces

Humidifier made from nature

Ions that are negatively charged

Source of Water for Pets

Getting Rid of Annoying Noises

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